Forever Honey is a Brooklyn-based band composed of Liv Price (lead vocals, guitar), Aida Mekonnen (lead guitar, vocals), Steve Vannelli (drums, keys), and Jack McLoughlin (bass, production). 

Despite a challenging, virtual debut in spring of 2020, the 4-piece's EP "Pre-Mortem High" managed to garner the attention of indie tastemakers (e.g., NPR, American Songwriter, The Wild Honey Pie) for channeling "the clever, no-nonsense spirit of 90’s brit pop and the jangly guitars of 80’s new wave" (Tommy Johnson, Ghettoblaster.)


The year+ that followed was one of hunkering down with the rest of the world, writing about a whole lot of nothing, and playing pixelated shows/festivals/live sessions. Forever Honey finally emerged in the live show circuit summer 2021, preceding the release of their latest song “Satellite” - one of two singles put out on Better Company Records. The music video for the second, "Number One Fan,"  is set to premiere on March 14th via Under the Radar.


Keep a watch on Forever Honey, as they gradually, anti-strategically release their stockpile of songs and try to navigate the complexities of inventing a relevant “internet presence.”